Northwest Graziers Conference held March 3

Wisconsin State Farmer
Pictured is the farmer panel at the Northwest Graziers Conference on March 3 with Jayce Denhoed (with mic) from Frederic shares his experiences getting started in grazing beef cattle with fellow farmer Eric McKinley (center) from Grantsburg and other graziers who were part of a farmer panel discussion at the NW Graziers conference.

Over 80 people attended the Northwest Graziers Conference held March 3, 2018, at the West Denmark Community Center near Luck WI. The Conference was organized by UW-Extension and Wisconsin NW Graziers Network.

Over 20 local businesses and agencies were invited to the NW Graziers conference to share their services and resources with farmers. 

The network’s mission is to support livestock farmers in developing managed grazing strategies that are profitable and environmentally sustainable.  

UW-River Falls Agronomy Student Jordyn Bush and UW-Extension Forages Specialist and UW-River Falls Agronomy Professor, Dr. Yoana Newman, with the help of Kelly Brown, from Webster, demonstrate how to collect a forage sample for testing at the Northwest Wisconsin Graziers Conference on March 3.

For more information about the Grazing Network contact Kevin Schoessow, Area Agriculture Development Educator for UW-Extension at 715-635-3506, or Lynn Johnson NW Graziers Network member at 715-268-8778.