Holstein Association USA sees record year

Wisconsin State Farmer
Holstein Association USA

BRATTLEBORO, VT – Holstein Association USA members set an all-time record by officially identifying 742,910 Holsteins in 2017. This is an increase of eight percent or 52,357 over the previous record set in 2016. 

Registrations totaled 384,181 head, up 6,876 from 2016. Additionally, there were 358,729 animals identified through the Association’s Basic ID program, an increase of 45,481. The Basic ID program is a stepping stone to full registry status. 

The popularity of the Holstein breed continues to escalate.

Holstein Association USA celebrates a record number of Holsteins identified.

Holstein Association USA CEO John M. Meyer states, “Dairy cattle breeders appreciate the superiority of Holstein genetics, and that there are more Holstein bulls to select from than bulls of all other dairy breeds combined. The continual outstanding growth of the Holstein breed speaks to the economic advantage dairies across the country receive by producing Holstein milk.”