A Wisconsin deer hunter was approached by a young buck who was interested in making friends.


A Pennsylvania man shot a massive 20-point buck with a crossbow, a feat even he admits will be hard to top. 

Chris Radney, a truck driver from Canton, Pennsylvania, took down the buck on Nov. 10. He says he didn't want to go hunting that day because of the unseasonably cold temperatures, but his 13-year-old son convinced him to go out.

Radney and his son hunted from a ground blind on a friend's farm. He had his eye on another buck that was hanging around some does when the giant stepped out. 

"When he came in the field, he dominated everything. It was something like I’d never seen before," Radney said. "We had no trouble seeing horns, even at 200 yards with my bare eye. The smaller one was messing with us all night. We were all jacked up about that one and then this one came across the lane. I don’t know if it was the cold or buck fever, but we were shaking pretty bad."

Radney maintained his composure long enough to make a solid shot at about 50 yards. He got nervous again when the blood trail started to peter out, but he eventually located his prize.

The buck sported 20 antler points and was green scored at a whopping 188 inches. 

"Everybody tells me I need to quit hunting now, but I don’t think that’s going to happen," he said. "From now on, it will have to be a pretty big buck for me to consider shooting."

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