MADISON – The final day of World Dairy Expo® went out with a bang as Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET, exhibited by Budjon, Vail, Abbott, Van Exel & Woodmansee of Lomira, WI, earned the banners for Grand Champion Female in the International Holstein Show.

Blexy topped the six-year-old cow class, then went on to be named Senior Champion. Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion honors were awarded to Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET, the first place Four-Year-Old, owned by Ransom Rail & Milksource, Kaukauna, WI.

Official judge Adam Liddle of Argyle, N.Y. and associate judge Carl Phoenix of Sunderland, Ont., Canada placed 458 animals in the International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo on October 7.

Top Placings

Junior Champion Female: Rosedale Catch A Glimpse-ET, Clarkvalley Holsteins & Mt. Elgin Dairy, Woodville, Ont.; Reserve Junior Champion Female: Milksource Gldndrm Asset-ET, Weeksdale Hol., R. Allen, Parrabel Gen., Hi-Calibre Hol., Pleasant Valley, P.E. 

Junior Best Three Females: 1. Ferme Petitclerc Et Fils, St-Basile, Qué.

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor of the Heifer Show: Ferme Petitclerc Et Fils, St-Vasile, Qué. Premier Sire of the Heifer Show: Val-Bisson Doorman-ET 

Intermediate Champion Female: Jacobs Windbrook Aimo-ET, Ferme Jacobs, Cap-Sante, Qué. Reserve Intermediate Champion Female: Ms Goldwyn Saturday-ET, Ferme Jacobs, Ferme Intense and W. Morrille, Cap-Santè, Qué. 

150,000 Lb. Production Cow: Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal-ETS, Budjon Farms and Peter & Lyn Vail, Lomira, WI, 1; Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha, Milk Source, LLC, Kaukauna, WI, 2.

Best Three Females: Ferme Jacobs, Cap-Sante, Qué.; Produce of Dam: Rosedale Genetics Ltd, Oxford, WI; Champion Bred & Owned: Jacobs Goldwyn Valana-ET, Ferme Jacobs, Cap-Sante, Qué. 

Senior and Grand Champion Female: Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET, Budjon, Vail Abbott, Van Exel & Woodmansee, Lomira, WI; Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Female: Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET, Ransom Rail & Milksource, Kaukauna, WI.

State Herd: Wisconsin Holstein Breeders, 1; Quebéc Holstein Breeders, 2.

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Ferme Jacobs, Cap-Sante, Qué; Premier Sire:
Braedale Goldwyn.

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