The Milwaukee County Zoo welcomed a new member into their giraffe exhibit over Labor Day weekend.

The zoo said one of their giraffes gave birth to a 152-pound, 5 foot, 10 inch male calf on Sept. 2.

The calf, who has yet to be named, was born to 7-year-old Ziggy and 12-year-old Bahatika. This is Ziggy's second calf.

According to a news release, zookeepers and medical staff have been monitoring the mother and the baby. The zoo said the calf has been nursing regularly and Ziggy has been an attentive mom toward her baby.

Jennifer Diliberti-Shea, public relations coordinator for the zoo, said the last time a giraffe at the zoo gave birth was in April 2016 with the birth of Zola, the female offspring of Bahatika. 

The indoor Giraffe Exhibit is open to the public until 3 p.m. today, and those wanting to see Ziggy and the baby calf will have another chance tomorrow during regular hours, as long as the mom and calf duo continue to be comfortable with zoo-goers.

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