MADISON – Two of the four winter wheat trial plots overseen at the Extension Service and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison posted average yields of over 100 bushels per acre when the crop was harvested last month.

The plots at Arlington in Columbia County and at Sharon in Walworth County averaged 104 and 103 bushels per acre respectively for the 93 varieties entered by commercial seed companies and the 9 public varieties that were included. Both were harvested on July 18.

At the Fond du Lac County plot on the Ed Montsma farm near Lamartine, the average yield was 66 bushels per acre during the July 25 harvest. The plot on Kolbe Seed Farms near Chilton in Calumet County was abandoned because of the extent of winterkill caused by a combination of open ground and ice ponding during the winter. All of plots were planted between Oct. 4 and 10 in 2016.

Top yield varieties

Among the commercial entries, the top yield of 118 bushels per acre was posted at Sharon by FS Seeds WX17A variety. The L-Brand (Ag Pro) L-Star yielded 116 bushels per acre while the FS Seeds' 624 had a yield of 115 bushels.

Coming in at 114 bushels per acre each at Sharon were Limagrain Cereal Seeds' L11621, PIP's 736, L&M Brand's 1010, and Diener's DXW 1601.

At Arlington, the top yields are 113 bushels per acre each for for AgriMAXX's Experimental 1786 and the Limagrain Cereal Seeds L11621. Diener's D496W had a yield of 112 bushels.

Yields of 111 bushels per acre were calculated for Kratz Farms KF 277, PIP's 714, and the L-Brand (Ag Pro) varieties L214, LCS News, and L-Star.
On the Fond du Lac County plot, where most of the varieties had yields in the 60s in bushels per acre, the top yield was 78 bushels for PIP's 714. Yields of 75 bushels per acre were recorded for PIP's 744 and AgriMAXX's 454.

Other top yields in the Lamartine plot were 74 bushels for L-Brand (Ag Pro) L-214, 73 bushels for Beck's 128, and 72 bushels each for the Equity Seeds Butler variety, Legacy's LWX 1745, and the L-Brand (Ag Pro) L-Star.

Based on the most recent winter wheat crop survey for Wisconsin, the state's growers expect to harvest 190,000 acres with an average yield of 77 bushels per acre. That's down from 250,000 acres and 79 bushels per acre in 2016, resulting in a 25 percent reduction in this year's crop compared to 2016.

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