Latest equipment, technology at Manure Expo

Wisconsin State Farmer
The solid separation system at UW-Madison’s Arlington Agricultural Research Station’s manure facility, features an 8 foot slope screen to keep fiber out of the water.

MADISON — The latest equipment and technology for professional manure management will be on display at the 2017 North American Manure Expo on Aug. 22 and 23 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arlington Agricultural Research Station.

“The North American Manure Expo is the largest manure equipment demonstration event in the U.S. and Canada,” said George Koepp, University of Wisconsin-Extension Columbia County agriculture agent. “The show combines demonstrations of the latest developments in manure handling equipment with presentations on the latest research in manure management.”

In addition to the tours, field demonstrations, hands-on product and safety education, exhibitor booths, and commercial vendor displays, 24 educational sessions will be hosted in four separate themed tents.

The themes are (1) Manure Safety and Manure Management Tools, (2) Manure as a Fertilizer Resource, (3) Manure Application Techniques and Technology, and (4) Manure and Environmental Protection.

Three tours

Statz Brothers, Inc. in Sun Prairie – featuring the manure digester and bedding recycling facility of the Statz Brothers Farm. The tour will go through one of the dairy barns and then stop at the manure digester to hear about the digester design, solids separation for bedding recycling and the use of the gas and energy bi-products of the manure digester system. The last stage of the system takes liquid to the storage lagoon.

Arlington Agriculture Research Station – includes three features: (1) the Arlington Agriculture Research Station Dairy Manure Run-off Study which compares manure run-off on no-till versus chisel plow and soil finisher tillage. The application timings are early December and late January. Results of the study to date and implications for manure management and time of manure applications will be discussed; (2) Blaine Dairy, which has a state of the art sand separation and reclamation system that is less than one year old; and (3) the UW Swine Research facility to view their manure separation and application systems.

Endres Composting – Jeff Endres’ dairy operation utilizes a compost bedding management and bedding recycling system. Bedding pack manure and sawdust are mixed with free stall manure before going to the compost pad that is under roof. Compost windrows are built over 4 weeks and with scheduled turning produce finished compost over the next 8 weeks. This compost system helps balance P & K for the farm nutrient management plan and brings the opportunity for better distribution of nutrients and a wider window for application. This tour also includes field application of compost.

“We’re excited to showcase the latest innovations, research and solutions to manure management that are developed through the working relationships between professional manure applicators, UW-Extension and research scientists, and equipment manufacturers,” said Richard Halopka, UW-Extension Clark County crops and soils agent.

Tours on Aug. 22 require a $20 registration fee. There is no cost to attend any of the Expo events on Aug. 23.

For a complete list of tours, demonstrations, exhibitors, educational sessions, and sponsorships visit the Manure Expo website

The North American Manure Expo is presented by University of Wisconsin-Extension – Nutrient Management Team, Annex Business Media, Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin, Manure Manager Magazine and is supported in part by a consortium of land grant universities and conservation agencies from across the United States.