'Farm-to-table' living comes to fruition in southeast Wisconsin

Abby Nitta
Wisconsin State Farmer

TOWN OF MUKWONAGO - One of the state’s first agrihoods — collaborative communities around a farm setting — is making construction headway, with final plat approval slated for an Aug. 2 town planning commission meeting.

Construction on Agape Agrihood began June 12. The development — which includes 10 residential lots, a community garden, apple orchard, pasture and open land, trails, animal shelters and a 3,120-square-foot barn — is on 36 acres of vacant farmland south of Highway NN, just east of Red Brae Road.

The agrihood will allow for residents to experience “farm-to-table living” and a rural ambience.

Curt Wiebelhaus, who is heading up the development with his wife, Jodi, said there are at least three or four people looking to start building as soon as they close on the lots. The development has only one lot left unreserved.

Curt hoped to begin pouring concrete and asphalt for the roads the week of July 17, with tree screening installed after that and equine fencing installed in the fall. Home construction was slated to begin in late August or early September. Barn construction is scheduled to begin the week of July 24.

The residential buildings in the agrihood must meet the requirements outlined by the Agape Homeowner’s Association Declarations and Town of Mukwonago ordinances. Preliminary requirements for home sizes (living space above grade) were 1,800 square feet for a one-story home and 2,200 square feet for more than one story.

Second agrihood?

With their first agrihood venture coming to fruition, the Wiebelhauses are seeking feedback on a potential second agrihood development — which they’ve dubbed “Phase 2.”

“We have had such a positive response to Phase 1, so we are considering a Phase 2,” Jodi said. “We are asking for input from potential buyers to understand what their greatest desires are to help guide the design of Phase 2.”

Potential buyers can provide feedback at www.agapeagrihood.com.

“The excellent feedback that we have received has been a great confirmation that an agrihood type development is where many families in Waukesha County want to live,” the website reads.

While the Wiebelhauses don’t know where the second development would be located, they said it would likely be close to Agape Agrihood.