Manage habitat on property for deer through DMAP

Wisconsin State Farmer
Enroll in Wisconsin's Deer Management Assistance Program and improve habitat for deer and other wildlife populations

MADISON - Wisconsin's Deer Management Assistance Program continues to grow with the addition of 189 new properties in 2017 and a total enrollment of 268,000 acres across the state. 

Interested landowners, hunters and land managers are encouraged to join over 1,200 current DMAP cooperators managing habitat on the property they own or hunt. 

Applications may be submitted at any time. Landowners and hunters are encouraged to apply now to receive immediate access to informational resources, including: 

  • habitat and deer management information; 
  • annual DMAP reports and publications; 
  • volunteer opportunities; and 
  • habitat management-focused DMAP workshops. 

"DMAP cooperators are highly satisfied with the program and really enjoy the interaction they receive with professional biologists and foresters," said Bob Nack, Department of Natural Resources DMAP coordinator. "Managing habitat for wildlife on private land improves wildlife populations for everyone to enjoy." 

Another benefit open to all DMAP cooperators is a series of annual regional workshops held throughout Wisconsin.

DMAP cooperators enjoyed workshops focused on deer ecology and research findings in spring 2017, and four more workshops are scheduled for summer 2017. Topics include invasive species management, how to conduct a timber harvest and habitat improvement strategies for small properties.

These workshops also include a tour of a property enrolled in DMAP with professional biologists and foresters. 

"DMAP workshops are a great opportunity to network with other conservation-minded people," said Nack. "DMAP cooperators share a common goal of promoting the principles of land stewardship and sharing their experiences with others." 

For more information regarding DMAP and to apply, go to and search keyword "DMAP."