Composting livestock mortalities on-farm

Wisconsin State Farmer

HIXTON - Recent changes in the cost to dispose livestock mortalities has led to an increased interest in composting of mortalities as a management strategy.

Livestock farmers and ag professionals can attend a program on best practices for successful on-farm composting of animal mortalities on June 28 in Hixton.

A program on composting livestock mortalities on-farm will provide information for best practices for successful composting of animal mortalities (cattle and swine), economic and legal considerations for mortality composting on-farm in Wisconsin.  

Area livestock farmers and ag professionals are welcome to attend Wednesday, June 28 from 1 - 3 p.m. at the farm site N9235 North Branch Road, Hixton.  The program location includes on-site composting facility and demonstration. 

Successful livestock mortality composting can save farmers money in rendering fees if done correctly. Steve Okonek, Trempealeau County UW-Extension agent will discuss best practices, including the composting process, materials and methods, common problems and solutions.  

In addition to basic legal considerations for CAFO and non-CAFO sized farms interested in composting mortalities, Gretchen Wheat of the Wisconsin DNR will discuss recommended options for composting facilities, the advantages of a hard work surface, push walls and roof, versus composting on bare ground with something such as hay bales stacked around the perimeter. 

Additional resources will be made available for those interested in further consultation on the subject.  

There is no fee to attend.

For more information, contact your area county UW-Extension office, Jackson County UW-Extension (715) 284-4257, Trempealeau County UW-Extension (715) 538-2311 ext. 376.