Waupun Ag education students give back

Wisconsin State Farmer
Waupun Food Pantry and Community Garden coordinator, Terri Respaljie (right) accepts some of the more than 400 tomato plants grown by the Waupun Ag Ed students. Making the presentation are FFA members Brianna Asmus (left) and Roni Schulz.


This time of year it is pretty common to see your area Agriculture Education Department opening their greenhouses to showcase and sell the work of their students. Greenhouses are filled with bright spring flowers and plenty of vegetables eager to get into the soil.

The Waupun Agriculture Education program is just one of the schools to do this. The Horticulture students at Waupun begin working in the greenhouse is late January with visions of a full greenhouse in early May.

While selling the potted flowers is fun for the students, many will admit that they highlight of the greenhouse experience is donating the 400+ tomato plants that they raise each year and donate to the Waupun Food Pantry and Community Garden.

Today students filled the Waupun Food Pantry van twice with the donated tomato plants. Terri Respaljie of the Waupun Food Pantry is thrilled with the donation each year. This project allows individuals to learn how to grow their own food and provide fresh produce for their families.

Students use money raised from the flower sale each year to produce the bountiful crop of tomatoes. Respaljie was excited to see that some of the plants were already bearing tomatoes.

For more information about this program please contact Tari Costello at Waupun High School at 920-324-5591