NEW Dressage Association Inc (NEWDA) Southern Chapter is serious about having fun, actively encouraging handlers and riders of all ages to learn and use classical dressage fundamentals with their horses, regardless of age, breed or discipline and have fun along the way.

Horse owners and their equine are welcome to join the fun in June by entering the Dressage Photo Contest (groundwork/under saddle, preparing for a show, special event or funniest moment).

In September, contestants are asked to create dressage artwork of choice (coloring book page clip art, pencil drawing, origami, painting, quilt top or pillow, glass work, garden art, jewelry, metal sculpture, etc) illustrating dressage and submit a photo of your artwork and include a brief narrative as to what inspired you.

Creative authors, in December can enter the Dressage Essay Contest. Contestants are asked to write an essay on any of the following topics (groundwork – gaining respect or pre-ride checklist, benefits of dressage. Who do you admire and why? What book or article inspired your horsemanship?).

For more information visit the NEWDA Southern Chapter Facebook group or the New Dressage Association Inc

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