Showing registered Holsteins opens doors for WI teen

Kati Kindschuh
The Wisconsin Purebred Dairy Cattle Association will conduct its Dairy Cattle Judging Conference on Saturday, July 1, 2017.  Noah Bilz, 16, of Colby, has been exhibiting registered dairy cattle for just over four years.

Just never give up. Four words that speak volumes about the journey it takes to accomplish your goals.

Young and old agriculturalists alike agree that nothing in the industry comes easily — whether it’s breeding your first excellent cow, developing champions on the colored shavings, reaching production record goals or simply producing a quality product day in and day out on your farm. In times like these when maybe the markets aren’t favorable or the weather just won’t cooperate, remind yourself of those four words — just never give up.

One young man from central Wisconsin lives by those four words, guiding him through his life in the dairy industry. Young dairyman, Noah Bilz, wasn’t born into dairy farming but got here as fast as he could.

“I didn’t see a cow until I was 12,” Bilz said. When Bilz was 12, he went to the county fair with his mom and stepdad, Nikki and Marcus DeJong, and watched the dairy cattle show. He saw the youth exhibiting their cattle around the ring, and said to his parents, “I want to do that.”

Noah Bilz (second from right) owner of Dolla-Bilz Holsteins and Jerseys exhibited Peticlerc Atwood Spoutnik, 1st place Summer Yearling who was named the Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show.

From that moment forward, his life was forever changed. Shortly after, he purchased his first heifer, a fall yearling, exhibiting her the following summer at local, district and state shows. That year was his inaugural year, making a trip to the colored shavings in Madison for World Dairy Expo, “just to try it out.”

Before he knew it, Noah was hooked, falling in love with working with dairy cattle, exhibiting at shows and everything in between.

Bilz, just 16 years old, is owner of Dolla Bilz Holsteins & Jerseys. At the 2017 Midwest National Dairy Showcase, held in Madison last weekend, the young man had quite a successful week. On Saturday, April 29, Bilz exhibited Peticlerc Atwood Spoutnik, 1st place Summer Yearling who was named the Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show. Later that day, Bilz entered the ring with Macpes Fortune Koquine-ET, placing 6th overall, 3rd junior in a very competitive 6 year old and older cow class, with Strans-Jen-D Tequilla-Red-ET being named the class winner.

Bilz says he loves the industry, the people he’s met and the things that he’s experienced are unparalleled to anything else in his life. Travelling from show to show throughout the season, year after year has allowed Bilz to meet some of his greatest mentors along with meeting youth that love the black and white Holsteins just as much as he does.

Bilz lives with his family in Central Wisconsin, and the Colby Jr. /Sr. High School sophomore says he intends to attend college to earn a degree within the dairy industry and return back to farming and showing dairy cattle.

The 16 year old dairyman is a member of the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association, one of the leading youth organizations in developing youth’s skills to become professionals in the dairy industry.

o learn more about the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association, visit their website or visit them on Facebook. Noah also invites you to visit his business’s Facebook page, Dolla-Bilz Holsteins & Jerseys.