Southwest Badger rents no-till planter

Wisconsin State Farmer

PLATTEVILLE - Landowners and farmers in southwest Wisconsin can now rent a no-till planter thanks to a partnership between Southwest Badger RC&D and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Farmers and landowners check out the Truax FLXII-812 no-till plantar. The drill is available to rent in southwest Wisconsin.

According to Mike Engel, Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, "No-till planting is a great way to establish pasture and wildlife habitat with minimal soil erosion. We are excited to partner with Southwest Badger RC&D to offer this resource to farmers and landowners."

The effort is a partnership between Southwest Badger RC&D's Fee-for-Service Program and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, which provides financial and technical assistance to private landowners to improve fish and wildlife habitat. The Partners program provides up to 50 percent cost-share on eligible habit projects, including pasture seeding, fencing, brush control, and streambank restoration.

Eligible landowners and operators must have a grazing plan, forest stewardship plan, or Partners for Fish and Wildlife Agreement in place to rent the no-till drill.

The Truax FLXII-812 drill is 8 feet wide and has separately metered seed boxes for grains, small seeds and legumes, and fluffy native species. Seeding rates can be adjusted to fit the renter's needs. A minimum of 50 hp tractor with hydraulics is required to operate the drill.

The cost to rent the drill is $11 per acre with a 10 acre minimum. Participants will also be asked at the time the drill is delivered to provide a $150 deposit that is fully refundable if the drill is returned in good condition. For full terms and conditions see the seed drill rental form online.

More information on services, locations of service, pricing, and sign-up is available at or call 608-348-7110.