Q: When can I prune my lilac shrub?

A: The best time to prune lilacs and other spring blooming shrubs is a few weeks after blooming is complete. This would normally be in June. If you prune them too early, you will be pruning away this year's flowers.

Q: How can I discourage robins from nesting on my light fixture?

A: Purchasing a robin nesting platform from your local birding store is a great way to encourage robins to nest elsewhere. Robins do not use bird houses, but they do nest on platform style nest structures. Increase activity near the light fixture to help discourage robins from nesting there, as well.

Q: I have honeybees in my birdfeeder. What are they looking for?

A: In early spring, honeybees are active, feeding upon flowering trees such as maples, as well as obtaining moisture and sugar from birdfeeders. Dust from seed and corn in the feeder gives them the nutrients they need to begin colony preparation. Keep a shallow source of moisture available to the bees, as well. Avoid using containers that are too deep, for these will drown honeybees.

Q: Will primroses come back every year?

A: Many primroses are reliably hardy in our area, though they are often treated as annuals. The big English primroses tend to be the touchiest. Japanese or candelabra primroses tend to perennialize easily.

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