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Snap beans highlight 2016 vegetable crops

Ray Mueller
A great majority of the vegetable crop production was processed while small portions like these bins of snap beans, were sold as fresh produce

MADISON – The market value of seven leading vegetable crops grown in Wisconsin during 2016 was nearly $177 million, according to an annual summary report issued in late March by the state's field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. A great majority of the vegetable crop production was processed while small portions were sold as fresh produce.

Wisconsin continued to dominate in the production of snap beans with a total of 7.28 million hundredweight (cwt) – more than the next four leading states combined. This accounted for 36 percent of the nation's production of 20 million cwt.

The state's harvest came from 66,600 harvested acres (up by 1,300 from 2015) with an average yield of 109 cwt per acre. The 2016 crop was worth $45.372 million to the growers.

In dollar value, sweet corn topped Wisconsin's vegetable crops at $49.376 million for 2016. A total of 10.3 million cwt were harvested from 60,300 acres, keeping the state in 3rd place behind Washington and Minnesota for national production, which totaled 73.9 million cwt. Wisconsin's crop averaged 171 cwt per acre.

Cabbage followed in grower sales value for 2016 at $47.553 million. The 6,000 harvested acres had an average yield of 665 cwt per acre.

Production of green peas slipped in 2016 as the harvested acres were down by 7,200 from 2015. The 27,100 harvested acres in 2016 had an average yield of 47 cwt per acre for a total of 1.26 million cwt – down from 1.62 million cwt in 2015. The state crop's value fell to $12.822 million compared to $27.11 million in 2015. For the United States, the green pea total in 2016 was 6.88 million tons.

Wisconsin's carrot production was valued at $10.071 million in 2016. Harvested acres were up by 700 to 4,500 with an average of 475 cwt per acre for a total yield of 2.14 million cwt. The nation's total was 30.3 million cwt.

Cucumber production on 5,500 acres averaged 123 cwt per acre for a total yield of 678,000 cwt of the nation's total of 17.7 million cwt. Wisconsin's crop had a value of $8.043 million.

For the first time, a report on pumpkin production was included in the annual summary. With all sales being in the fresh market, the 1,800 harvested acres in Wisconsin had a per acre average yield of 11 cwt for a crop of 189,000 cwt with a sales value of $3.572 million.