Four sessions set for Heart of Farm Program

Ray Mueller, Correspondent

Kimberly - Communication skills, media relations, leadership roles, and relaxation techniques are on the agenda for a Heart of the Farm program designed for women on Friday, Apr. 7 at Liberty Hall.

Starting at 10 am, a self-assessment on personality traits that affect one's ability to communicate will be led by Outagamie County Extension Service 4-H youth and family development coordinator MaryBeth Wohlrabe.

For telling the story about one's farm or to react to media presentations, a session titled “Media Relations 101” will be taught by Mike Austin, who has been an agricultural news broadcaster for radio and television stations in Green Bay for 30 years.

Brown County Extension Service agriculture educator Liz Binversie will lead a session on how to define leadership roles on a farm, on how to hone leadership styles, and when to use them. The fourth presentation of the day, also to be led by Binversie, will be the demonstration of several stress-relieving activities taking no more than five minutes each.

Until March 31, the registration fee is $15 per person. For more information about registering, contact Binversie at 920-391-4612 or by e-mail to