Dairy coop partners with animal ag advocacy group

Wisconsin State Farmer

GREEN BAY - Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative has joined a national organization dedicated to bridging the communication gap between animal agriculture and customers.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a 30-year-old nonprofit group, provides a united voice for all of animal agriculture. Hundreds of individuals, companies and associations across the food chain participate.

“We are proud to partner with the Animal Agriculture Alliance to represent the dairy community,” said John Pagel, a Wisconsin dairy farmer and president of the cooperative. “It is vital that we collaborate with others in agriculture as we face the challenges ahead. Our members will benefit by being part of an organization that works to help those throughout the food chain understand modern dairy farming.”

John Pagel

The Alliance’s motto is “Connect. Engage. Protect.” The group connects key food industry stakeholders to resources that help them face emerging issues. It promotes customer choice by helping food chain influencers better understand modern animal agriculture. The group also works to protect the future of the industry by exposing those who threaten our nation’s food security with damaging misinformation.

The Alliance will provide important resources to DBMMC, such as support for on-farm security and crisis management planning, information about organizations looking to attack animal agriculture, and reports and graphics to help share animal agriculture’s story.

“We’re excited to welcome Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative to the Alliance and look forward to continuing to build relationships in the dairy sector,” said Kay Johnson Smith, president and CEO of the Alliance. “Our valuable resources will help DBMMC and its member-owners secure their farms and share their stories, and DBMMC’s support will help us fulfill our mission and secure the future of animal agriculture.”