American Agri-Women supports wildfire relief efforts

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Dallas, Texas - American Agri-Women (AAW) is heartbroken by the vast devastation from the recent wildfires in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. AAW has an affiliate in each of these states.

AAW will have a wildfire relief fundraiser at its mid-year meeting in Dallas, Texas from March 23-26. The funds raised will be divided between the four funds listed here. There will be a “pass the hat” conducted as well as a silent auction of some donated items that include a quilt made from 1930’s reproduction fabrics. There will also be a genomic testing package in the silent auction for the relief efforts.

AAW will have a wildfire relief fundraiser at its mid-year meeting in Dallas, Texas from March 23-26.

AAW will accept email or phone bids. Email for the phone number. The silent auction closes at noon central time on March 25.

Doris Mold, AAW President said recently, "The farmers and ranchers in Texas, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma impacted by the recent raging wildfires saw one of their worst nightmares take away many of their dreams. Now, it's time for us to stand with them as they work to rebuild their lives and those dreams. Please consider donating to one of the following organizations:"

(Oklahoma) Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation, Attn: Fire Relief Fund, 2500 Exchange Ave. ?Oklahoma City, OK 73108,

(Kansas) - Kansas Livestock Association is organizing hay and fencing material donations for delivery to affected areas in Kansas. Kansas Livestock Foundation, 6031 SW 37th St., Topeka, Ks 66614 (785) 273-5115 or

(Texas) You can donate to the Working Ranch Cowboys Association Wildfire Relief Fund: Donate online at (indicate funds for WRCF Wildfire Relief Fund), Send donation to WRCF Wildfire Relief Fund, 408 SW 7th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101 Contact WRCF at (806) 374-9722

(Colorado) Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation Attn: Disaster Fund, 9177 E Mineral Circle, Centennial, CO 80112, 303.749.7500

A more inclusive site for donations for wildfires can be found at This also includes other states who are collecting funds and supplies for these four states.

Abbi Goldenberg, Oklahoma Agri-Women President said, “It's been estimated that over 2 million acres have been burned between Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. 6 people and thousands of head of cattle and wildlife have lost their lives with many more families displaced. The fires are still burning in Oklahoma but as of Wednesday March 15th they were about 70% contained.

 “I am so proud of the out pouring of support over the last few weeks. The agricultural community has really stepped up and donated well over 100,000 round bales of hay, tons of feed and milk replacer, fencing supplies and a few dairies even donated nurse cows to producers with orphan calves. These producers will have a long road ahead of them and will need our continued support as the year moves forward.”

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