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Ask the Expert

Wisconsin State Farmer
Bluebirds prefer to nest in open areas, fence rows and along the edges woodlots.

Q: How can I force pussy willows to bloom indoors?

A: Pussy willows are among the easiest spring blooming shrubs to force indoors. Simply snip off a few twigs, bring indoors and place in a vase of warm water. They should begin to "bloom" within a few days.

Q: I have bluebirds at my feeder. Will they nest here this year?

A: That depends on where you are located. Bluebirds prefer to nest in open areas, fence rows and along the edges of woodlots. Areas with too many trees will generally be avoided.

Q: What are your favorite hostas?

A: My favorite hostas tend to be the giant varieties. I love the misted, blue green look of Guardian Angel. I also love the giant, lime green Sum and Substance and it's white-edged sport Winter Snow. Touch of Class is a beautiful, thick-leaved, medium hosta in silvery blue with a chartreuse center. I also love the golden yellow, cupped leaves of World Cup. Of course, if you ask me tomorrow, you will probably get entirely different answers. That is the fun of being a hosta lover!

Q: I've seen garlic bulbs for sale at the garden center. I thought garlic needed to be planted in the fall?

A: Garlic bulbs are often offered for sale in spring as well. Garlic can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked. Avoid harvesting the first year.