Hands-on hub at PDPW Annual Conference

Wisconsin State Farmer

Waupun - Dive-in, dissect and discover at a level you will never forget at the PDPW Annual Business Conference, March 15-16, at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.

  • The Dairy Cow Inside and Out - Walk section-by-section through a full cow necropsy, learning firsthand about abomasum ulcers, hemorrhagic bowel, fatty liver and other silent thieves, presented by Drs. Richard Wallace, DVM and Don Sockett, DVM.
  •  Nose to Tail Calf Edition - Learn from experts as you're guided through a calf necropsy.  Explore each system; respiratory, immune, nervous, circulator and digestive and get your hands around common ailments, presented by Drs. Vicky Lauer, DVM and Geof Smith, DVM.
  •  Staying Alive and Keeping Your Team Safe - Minimize loss and save lives through an accident simulation and first-response drill.  This crisis drill could save a team-member's life, presented by Lane Heins and Ron Naab.
  •  Feet are Made for Walking - Go step-by step through trimming scenarios utilizing cadavers.  Take home knowledge of how to prevent and properly correct the costliest culprits of lameness, presented by Dr. Gerard Cramer, DVM and Floyd Sutton.
  •  Advanced Dairy Reproduction - Witness a live ovum collection for IVF, and learn how this technology may be implemented on your dairy.  Observe the collection process and see the stages of growth from ovum to embryo, presented by Dr. Nate Dorshorst, DVM.

To learn more about the 2017 PDPW Business Conference and to celebrate 25 years of PDPW, visit or contact PDPW at 1-800-947-7379 or follow the social media presence with []#myPDPW.

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