Ask the Experts - Finding the best heirloom seeds?

Wisconsin State Farmer
The National Garden Bureau has selected the Daffodil as its bulb of the year for 2017.

Q: My daffodils began to peak through in the warm spell we just had. Will they be ok?

A: They should be fine. Most spring blooming bulbs are adapted to this type of extreme weather. The leaves may emerge and begin to show through, but the flower buds themselves will wait until it warms during March.

Q: Where can I find the best selection of heirloom vegetable seeds?

A: You can find a great selection of heirloom vegetable seeds online through Seed Savers at There are other excellent online sources as well, including Baker Rare Seed and others.

Q: Can I start seeds indoors now?

A: Depending upon what types of seeds you are growing, yes. Many herbs, especially, can be grown indoors now. Annual flowers and perennials may be started, depending upon the variety. The seed packet should tell you how many weeks prior to the expected last frost date to start the seeds indoors.

Q: What do the birds eat when there is so much snow on the ground?

A: That all depends on the type of bird. Robins and bluebirds that have returned or overwintered feed upon fruits, meal worms, and other sources of food. Red-winged blackbirds that have returned may flock to backyard feeders if snow covers their food sources. Most species of birds that overwinter are well adapted to natural food sources such as seeds, buds, nuts and acorns, insects and more.