Q: I saw honeybees flying around this week. What are they eating?

A: Many people are surprised to learn that honeybees are capable of obtaining food through birdseed available at backyard bird feeders, as well as maple flowers just opening high in the treetops.

Q: My sandhill cranes are back. Isn't this early?

A: Not especially early. Some sandhill cranes winter in Wisconsin, or just a short distance away in northern Illinois. The first bird typically arrive the last few weeks of February through mid-March.

Q: Where can I have a soil test done on my garden?

A: Your local county UW extension office offers soil testing. Contact them for a kit to have a professional soil test done. This will provide an excellent results sheet detailing any amendments or additions you might wish to make to your soil.

Q: Are all hellebores hardy in Wisconsin?

A: Many varieties are, however, be aware that if you purchase them from a florist, these are often decorative and not hardy. If you have the tag with the full name, search online to determine their hardiness zone.

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