Wisconsin Holstein royalty crowned at Junior Holstein Convention

Kati Kindschuh

Wisconsin Dells — “In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.” Gianni Versace
Being someone of “royal” status allows us to believe these people are of great value, are leaders in their associations and will serve as a voice for others. The Wisconsin Holstein Association (WHA) Royalty are exactly that as two ladies were crowned at the 2017 Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention.
The newly crowned WHA Princess is Courtney Moser of Westby. She is the 18 year old daughter of Cary and Joy Moser and a member of the Vernon County Junior Holstein Association. She is currently a senior at Westby High School where she is active in several clubs such as FFA, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), National Honor Society and much more.

Upon graduation this spring, Moser plans to attend a four-year university to earn her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communication or something very close to it.
Moser says, “With my future plans to enter college next fall majoring in communications with an agricultural emphasis, I thought it would be a perfect fit for me to apply for a position as Wisconsin Holstein Association Royalty.”

Moser will spend a significant amount of her time this next year, promoting the Registered Holstein breed throughout the state at shows, June Dairy Month events, schools and much more. She will serve as a face for the association this year, and she says she is most excited to meet the members from around the state to see the faces and stories behind the farm prefixes.
Being an ambassador for the association can be a daunting task, but Moser has had quite the inspiration to pursue this position. Growing up in the association with older siblings and family involved, it was only natural that she became involved, too.

Younger members look towards the Junior Activities Committee (JAC) members as well as the Royalty to be role models of the association. Moser admitted that she had thought about running to be WHA Royalty but an adult member gave her the encouragement and push she needed. “I’m forever grateful to all of those who have inspired and continue to encourage me!” Moser exclaims.
Serving as the WHA Princess Attendant this year is Kelsey Cramer of Juda. Cramer is the 19 year old daughter of Bob and Nikki Cramer and is member of the Green County Junior Holstein Association. She is currently a freshman at UW-Eau Claire pursuing a degree in Communication Science.

Cramer hopes, in the future, to work with students in a rural elementary school or NICU and practice speech and language therapy. Cramer says that she ran to serve as WHA Royalty because she wanted to give back to the association that has given her so many new opportunities.
She adds that, “I wanted to represent the association that I love.” In the year of service ahead of her, Cramer is most excited to travel across the state, especially to the various shows held throughout the year. “I love working with people, which I feel is important to this role and it will help me leave a lasting impression.”

Leaving an impression with those that you come in contact throughout the year is a crucial part of this position. Cramer says she has been nicknamed “Smiley” for the face that you can always find her with a smile upon her face. Being a positive person, Cramer hopes to show to others how much she loves this industry and the Registered Holstein breed.
Each individual has a story on how they became involved in the association. For some, their older siblings were involved so they naturally joined and others are drawn to the association by county leaders.

Cramer says that her Green County Advisor, Marcy McCullough, encouraged her parents to get her sister and her involved. From there, she could see the older members and knew she wanted to be like them.

Past WHA Princesses also played a huge role in Cramer’s desire to run for WHA Royalty this year. “They made it my dream as a little girl to run for WHA Royalty because I wanted to be just like them. They displayed so much passion throughout their reigns that it just made me infatuated and gave me that desire to run.”

She will have that same opportunity this year, as she works alongside Moser to promote the association and coordinate events. She says, “I love advocating for this industry and association because it's made me who I am.”

Throughout the year, these two ladies will undoubtedly become reassured that there is a bright future in Wisconsin for not just the dairy industry but the Registered Holstein industry as well.
Between district and state-wide shows, school visits and more, the Wisconsin Holstein Princess and Princess Attendant will travel hundreds of miles combined, promoting the association’s mission to both producers and consumers. Additionally, they work closely with the Junior Activities Committee (JAC) members to coordinate events for junior members such as Cow Camp, Taste of State Fair and more.

The WHA Royalty court was created to be an ambassador for not just the dairy industry but to also promote the value and fellowship that Registered Holstein cattle brings to the table.

For more information on their year of service, you can follow them on social media and through their monthly columns in the Wisconsin Holstein News.