Attempting to correct the price inequities

Wisconsin State Farmer

Arden Tewksbury, manager of the Progressive Agriculture Organization (Pro-Ag) and the National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC) has attended a meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which was geared to gain support from various farm organizations attempting to correct the price inequities facing all dairy farmers.
Tewksbury said, “Presently we are talking with several farm organizations trying to support the organizations that are gearing up to petition the Secretary of Agriculture to conduct a national hearing to address the serious problems that the majority of dairy farmers are facing.
The Pro-Ag manager continued by saying, “We believe that current emergency situations must be addressed as well as a new pricing formula must be developed that consider the dairy farmers’ cost of production.”
Pro-Ag strongly feels that the average dairy farmer must have a seat at the table during the potential hearing.  Pro-Ag is suggesting that any farm organization that is interested in participating with our petition, along with any consumer groups should call Pro-Ag at 570-833-5776 or email us  Tewksbury said, “It would be nice if some members of Congress would support our efforts.”
The Pro-Ag leader is reminding everyone that the last Congress eliminated many actions the Secretary of Agriculture could use including eliminating the Dairy Price Support program and the MILC program.  The last Farm Bill also states that the USDA cannot implement any form of milk supply management program.  But what Congress did do was provide the ill-fated Margin Insurance Program which has turned out to be a fiasco as we predicted.
What we need in the U.S. Congress is for some members of the House of Representatives or Senate to stand up and really support the dairy farmers with some intestinal fortitude as did the late Senator from Pennsylvania Arlen Specter and the late great Senator from Vermont Jim Jeffords.
Pro-Ag can be reached at 570-833-5776.

Arden Tewksbury