Q: I've noticed seeds for sale at several stores. Isn't it too early to buy seeds?

A: Not at all. Many gardeners purchase their seeds early in order to get the best selection. Wait too long and all of the good stuff will be gone. Some are already starting seeds indoors to grow in sunrooms and under growing lights.

Q: I'm planning to add some color to an area of my yard that floods easily when it rains. Any suggestions?

A: There are many perennials that do great in wet areas. Blue flag iris, swamp milkweed, Joe-pye weed, purple coneflower, turtlehead, cardinal flower, blue lobelia, colorful dogwoods and more are some great choices.

Q: I haven't seen many birds at my feeders for the past few weeks. Did they all suddenly fly south?

A: There are still many birds coming to feeders throughout the state. They likely will not leave now. It is possible that a hawk has moved into the area, keeping birds away. Small songbirds will tend to avoid unprotected feeders in the presence of a hunting hawk. Food selection may be another factor. Be sure to provide high-quality seed, not cheap filler.

Q: We have several flying squirrels that come to our feeder almost every night. Will they stay all summer?

A: If there is proper habitat, they may choose to remain and nest on your property. These squirrels nest in cavities or man-made bird houses high in the trees.

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