an Interactive sign to make Rural roads safer

Wisconsin State Farmer

Madison — an Interactive sign to make Rural roads safer — Most people would probably say that the dangers of driving rural roads usually come from excessive speed or reckless driving.  If you are traveling at the rated speed and you come upon a slow moving vehicle such as a tractor or an Amish buggy, the situation could be just as dangerous.

An Interactive sign to make Rural roads safer

Anyone that has travelled the rural roads of western Wisconsin will understand this problem.

Although the scenery is beautiful -  the narrow roads with no shoulders, the rolling hills, and blind corners can be fatal.  In the past 18 months alone in Wisconsin there have been over 20 fatalities from encounters with slow moving objects, please note “FATALITIES”, this does not include all the other accidents with minor injuries or close calls.

One solution to this problem introduced by Slow Ride LLC – is a sign that warns drivers that a slow moving object may be ahead of them.  This interactive sign will FLASH when it detects objects that are moving at speeds less than half the rated speed, thereby warning upcoming traffic that a slow object lies ahead.

These Interactive signs easily detect not only agriculture equipment, but other slow moving objects including pedestrians and bicycles.  With the addition of a remote control these same signs can also be used by service vehicles such as School Buses, Postal Trucks, Garbage Trucks, and Snow Plows.

The drivers of these vehicles can use remote controls to trigger the signs so that upcoming traffic knows that a vehicle is slowed or stopped ahead of them.  By using solar power the signs are also portable and this enables them to be used for temporary seasonal field access during the planting and harvesting seasons.

Positive customer impact

Some of these units are being used in Southern Wisconsin this fall and are now being tested in the harsh winter weather conditions that Wisconsin often provides and so far have performed flawlessly.  The roads are in the middle of Amish communities that have dozens of triggers every day from slow moving buggies and children walking to school. At the same time there are vehicles traveling between 45 and 55 mph. 
In addition to making the rural roads of Wisconsin safer, Slow Ride LLC will be manufacturing the devices in Southern Wisconsin creating jobs within the local community.
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