Egg production above year ago levels

Wisconsin State Farmer

Madison – Compared to a year ago, egg layer totals and egg production in November of 2016 increased significantly, according to the latest monthly report by the Wisconsin field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Egg layer totals and egg production in November of 2016 increased significantly.

In Wisconsin, the number of layers on hand in November was 5.625 million compared to 5.055 million for the month a year ago. As in most other leading egg production states, 80 to more than 90 percent of the egg layers are in flocks of 30,000 birds or more.

Wisconsin's total egg production for November was 139.8 million. This was an increase of 16 percent from the total of 120.2 million in November of 2015. Eggs per 100 layers for the month averaged 2,485 – up from the 2,378 a year ago.

National statistics

Most prominent in the national statistics comparisons for the past two Novembers is the recovery of layer numbers and egg production in Iowa, which is the leading state in the industry. Iowa's total of 54.521 million layers in November of this year was well above the 35.895 million in the wake of the avian flu epidemic in the first half of 2015.

Correspondingly, Iowa's total egg production for November was up to 1.296 billion compared to 750.9 million for the month in 2015. The average number of eggs per 100 layers jumped from 2,092 to 2,377 for November of this year.

Despite a decline of just over 1 million layers, Ohio's total of 31.995 million stood in 2nd place among the states. Indiana had a slight decrease to 30.227 million layers for November of this year. Pennsylvania posted an increase of more than 2 million layers for a November 2016 total of 27.923 million.

Among the 27 states listed on the monthly report, others with an increase from a year ago were Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Michigan. States reporting a decrease included California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, and Washington.

The national total of 366.523 million layers in November was an increase of nearly seven percent from the 343.469 million a year earlier. Total egg production of nearly 8.532 billion was up by 10 percent from the nearly 7.763 billion in November of 2015.

Egg production numbers include those for table eggs and those for hatching. No separate breakout for table egg production was reported for Wisconsin and eight other states.
All of the eggs produced in some states are reported as table eggs while Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Alabama have significant percentages for hatching. For November, 85 percent of the production in the United States were for table eggs.