Q: What can I do to keep starlings away from my bird feeder?

A: Feeding thistle seed from sock style feeders is one of the best ways. Eliminating cheap bird seed with lots of millet is another way to prevent large flocks of starlings from invading your feeders.

Q: I love hostas and heard you can grow many of them in the sun. Is this true? What ones work best in sun?

A: There are a number of varieties of hosta that do well in sun. Generally, hostas that are gold or yellow in color are more tolerant of sun than blue hostas or ones that are darker green. Some of the best varieties for sun are Sum and Substance, Stained Glass, June, Sun Power, Winter Snow, Guacamole, Paul's Glory, Key West, Golden Tiara, Brother Stefan and Coast to Coast.

Q: I have little tunnels through the snow in my yard. What is causing this?

A: This is likely caused by mice or voles as they travel through the snow in search of food. Chipmunks will also tunnel through deep snow.

Q: Do bluebirds migrate? They are still at my feeder every day. What can I do to help them?

A: Some bluebirds will migrate a short distance south for the winter. However, many bluebirds flock up and remain in our area all winter long. Some of the best foods for overwintering bluebirds are meal worms, fruit chunks, grapes, and suet that contains meal worms and chunks of fruit, as well.

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