Partners address water quality of East Pecatonica River

Wisconsin State Farmer



Blanchardville — Pecatonica Pride, a Producer-Led Watershed initiative will bring together the WI Farmers Union, Farm Bureau, Lafayette Co. LCD, Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and many other partners to address tributaries draining to the Lower East Branch of the Pecatonica River.

These resources are upstream of Blanchardville and Argyle, sister communities and contribute to the impaired East Pecatonica River. Both communities are grappling with their municipal phosphorus loads and the degradation of habitat and recreational opportunities on the river.

The project will create a team that brings together farmers, landowners and community groups for the purpose of improving the Pecatonica River, and restoring it to all its designated uses.

Through Pecatonica Pride, citizens and landowners will become aware of the myriad of urban and rural sources that contribute to water quality degradation. Together, through hands-on demonstrations, they will learn how to sample their land and water resources and assess their own success as a result of implementing best practices.

Additionally, residents will be provided discounts on well water testing, and cost share will be made available for landowners wanting to implement recommended practices.

A producer-led watershed protection workshop will be held at 9 a.m. Dec. 14, Wilderness Resort, Glacier Canyon Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells.

The Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grants Annual Workshop allows for producer-led grant recipients throughout the state to network, share success stories, and learn from each other on what works and what hasn't in their watershed projects. Experts will also discuss how producer-led groups can be most successful regarding research efforts, building partnerships, and exploring new technologies.