Farm goes beyond green for Christmas trees

Caitlin Shuda
Jan Wolosek, co-owner of the Wolosek Christmas Tree Farm, is taking a bet with colored Christmas trees this year, introducing blue, red, frosted white and pink.

Saratoga — All across Wisconsin, Christmas trees stand in rows at tree farms, ready to be cut, decorated and lit in the traditional holiday spirit.

But at one tree farm, the endless rows of green needles are interrupted by flashes of pink, blue, red and white.

Jan Wolosek drove down the dirt road at Wolosek Christmas Trees earlier this month and pointed out the unique tree options that might come as a surprise to customers this year. The Christmas tree farm will offer pink, blue, white and red painted trees along with their traditional green selection.

Jan and Christine Wolosek have been running a family tree farm for 30 years, but this year, they wanted to try something different. Employees at the tree farm sprayed the paint on 40 to 50 of the trees in September, to avoid the hotter summer weather.  Kirk Co., a Wautoma business that designed the tree paint, describes its colorants as non-toxic and environmentally safe, with no heavy metals or mercury.

Jan Wolosek said they’re curious to find out what their customers think.

“If you’re really traditional, you might not like it,” she said.

If painted trees are a hit with the customers, the Woloseks said they would like to continue offering colored trees and include purple and dark blue — the other colors available through Kirk Co.

Jan Wolosek enjoys the trees and says his favorites are pink and blue, because the bright colors stand out the best. Some of the white trees in the lot have a thin layer of paint to look like an overnight frost, while others have more paint to look like snow.

Since painted trees are relatively new to the industry, growers expect to learn more about how a tree handles the paint in the long run. Jan Wolosek said the color is supposed to stay on the tree well and shouldn’t come off. He said the trees have had a couple of months to dry outside, and rain has not affected the color so far.

Painted trees take more time and money to prepare, so the painted trees will cost about $15 more than a natural green tree. Despite the different colors, Jan suggests customers care for a painted tree the same way they would a green one.

Once people pick out a tree and take it home, Jan Wolosek said they should start out with the hottest water they can get from a faucet to water the tree. Afterward, the tree should be watered every day. While setting up their trees, people should avoid putting the trees by heat registers because they will dry out the tree faster. According to Jan Wolosek, a live tree can last in a home from the day after Thanksgiving until the new year if owners are diligent with their tree care. If people water the tree every couple of days, he suggests getting a tree between Dec. 5 and 7 so it will stay healthy indoors through Christmas.

In addition to the colorful trees, Wolosek Christmas Trees offers hay rides so people can peruse trees between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Fridays through Sundays. The tree farm also has pre-cut trees available in Stevens Point. An assortment of green and painted trees will be available at Frank’s Hardware, 5444 U.S. 10 and Saint Vinnies Thrift Store, 2124 Rice St. in Stevens Point.

For more information, find Wolosek Christmas Trees on Facebook.