Indoor Farms of America announces financing options

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Butterhead or Bibb Lettuce is a favorite to grow in a GrowTruck Container Farm (PRNewsFoto/Indoor Farms of America)

— Indoor Farms of America is pleased to announce the immediate availability of multiple sources of financing for the robust product line of Container Farms and fully scalable vertical aeroponic growing equipment.

"These financing options for our products opens doors to many folks who want the best equipment available for indoor farming on the market, but may lack sufficient cash or capital structure to pursue the purchase of one of our farms," according to David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America.

"We are very pleased to have funded our equipment already with our new lending source, Direct Capital.  This institution understands the needs of small business people, as well as tailoring the right financing for each customer," states Martin. "They took a very close look at the potential our equipment has for creating a financial success story for the owner of the farm, and we have established a lending relationship with them to continue to grow sales at a rapid pace of our equipment."

"When compared to other indoor crop growing equipment, the vertical aeroponic equipment produced by Indoor Farms of America is clearly the market leader in terms of what that equipment can produce in plant growing capacity and yields in any given space, and I have been involved with indoor growing, in aquaponics and hydroponics, and made use of every other style of equipment for over 15 years," says Ron Evans, company President.

According to Martin, "A recent visitor from Japan, considering a distributorship for that region, simply could not stop talking about how amazed he was at the amount of produce we are growing in such a small space.  He went on to tell us he believes our container farm, with the substantially higher yield per square foot than anything else, can transform the market in Japan, and that is pretty nice to hear."

Back from a recent visit to Northern California where one of the company's sold Container Farms, a Model 6825, has recently been installed, Evans recalled, "I was fortunate enough to ride along with our farmer to a presentation of his first crop harvest to a local high end Italian restaurant in the Sierra foothills. The owner of the restaurant told us it was the best tasting Basil he had ever tasted, and the leaves were the most beautiful he had ever seen.  That says a bit about how well our equipment works, and keeps me humble."

Indoor Farms of America spent nearly 2 years in R&D developing what now has multiple U.S. patents awarded - truly affordable, economically viable high yield vertical aeroponic crop growing equipment.

Indoor Farms of America Vertical Aeroponics is a game changer (PRNewsFoto/Indoor Farms of America)

Martin adds: "We really nailed about 30 different leafy green products early on in test growing, so we know you can operate a container farm that can service a special niche market, or the local grocery, and have financial success with it.  But indoor growing needs to be about much more, so what we have focused on for the past number of months is proving out viable growing of other crops such as cherry tomatoes, strawberries, many smaller pepper varieties, and beans. Our farm equipment grows all of these amazingly well."

The company has also tested growing larger plants, such as heirloom tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers.  This line of aeroponic equipment is nearing readiness for release as well.

"Ron and I are greatly appreciative of the response to our equipment," states Martin, "and we are focused on enhancements to our system to bring it to an even broader range of growers, including large scale greenhouse operators, which stand to benefit dramatically by the increase in growing capacity in the same space, over older methods.  We are finalizing automation of the equipment to track the sun movement for use in such applications, and will announce that when it is ready."