Subhead: All major trial plots top state average

Madison — Five of the hybrid corn entries in Wisconsin's 14 performance trial plots yielded at least 300 bushels per acre this year. All of the sites exceeded the state's projected harvest average of a record high of 180 bushels per acre.

Four of the 300 plus entries were in the late maturity group (more than 105 days) at the Arlington research farm in Columbia County. The fifth was in the early maturity group at Arlington.

Among all the entries in the southern zone, the average per acre yields in the early maturity group were 261 bushels at Arlington, 250 bushels near Montfort in Grant County, and 242 bushels at Janesville. For the late maturity group, the averages were 271 bushels at Arlington, 254 at Montfort, and 253 at Janesville.

Top hybrid performers

The top yield of 309 bushels was posted by the NuTech/G2 Genetics 5F-308 entry. It also yielded 286 bushels in the plot at Janesville and 280 bushels at the Montfort plot. NuTech's 5Z-503 also had the high yield of 307 bushels in the early maturity group at Arlington along with 278 bushels at Montfort and 268 bushels at Janesville.

With its F5-906, NuTech also had the next highest yield of 305 bushels in the late maturity group at Arlington. Following in the top yields were DuPont Pioneer's P0825AMXT with 304 bushels and Agri Gold's A6499STXRIB with 300 bushels.

At Janesville, the top yields in the early maturity group were 289 bushels each for Renk's RK717SSTX and Cornelius's C408DP. The top yields at Montfort were 288 bushels for Power Plus's 2R63R and 287 bushels for NuTech's 5Z-601.

Other trial zones

In the south central zone, the trial plot averages for the early maturity group were 223 bushels near Lamartine in Fond du Lac County, 229 bushels near Galesville in Trempealeau County, and 229 bushels for the irrigated plot at Hancock in Waushara County. In the late maturity group, the averages were 232 bushels at Lamartine, 236 bushels at Galesville, and 238 bushels at Hancock.

Among all the entries in the south central zone, the top yields were 290 bushels for NuTech's 5F-906 at Galesville, 283 bushels for NuTech's 5F-504 at Hancock, and 280 bushels for Dairyland Seeds's DS9106 at Hancock. Beck's 5665AMX had the top yield of 264 bushels at Lamartine.

In the north central zone, the plot averages for the early maturity group were 196 bushels per acre at Chippewa Falls, 211 bushels at Marshfield, 199 bushels at Seymour in Outagamie County, and 221 bushels near Valders in Manitowoc County. For the late maturity group, the averages were 212 bushels at Chippewa Falls, 216 bushels at Marshfield, 211 bushels at Seymour, and 221 bushels at Valders.

In the northern zone, the Marshfield plot had an average of 208 bushels per aver while the Coleman plot came in at 205 bushels. At the three plots near Spooner, the silt loam portion yielded an average of 198 bushels, the dryland sand recorded 199 bushels, and the irrigated plot produced 205 bushels.

Additional plots

Organic corn hybrids were also tested in at six of the plots. Their average yields were 198 bushels at Lamartine, 208 bushels at Galesville, 214 bushels at Hancock, 183 bushels at Chippewa Falls, 179 bushels at Marshfield, and 200 bushels at Valders.

Refuge and specialty hybrids were tested at plots in the southern zone. Their per acre average yields were 232 bushels at Montfort, 229 bushels at Janesville, and 177 bushels at Arlington.

Corn silage yields were also tabulated at most of the trial sites. Average dry matter yields ranged from 11.4 to 9.4 tons per acre in all but the silt loam plot at Spooner.

The entire report is available on the website.

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