Gift ideas for the gardener, nature lover on your list

Rob Zimmer
Hummingbird feeders, as well as all sorts of bird and butterfly feeders, houses, food sources, field guides, binoculars and more make great gifts for the gardeners and nature lovers on your list.

For all of the gardeners and outdoor lovers on your holiday shopping list, I've put together a list of some wonderful gift ideas they're sure to treasure.

Whether your loved one, family member or friend is practical, eccentric, new to gardening and nature or a lifelong green thumb, these ideas will help inspire wonderful gift giving suggestions for the holiday season.

Give the gift of nature

One of the most wonderful and long lasting gifts you can give a loved one is the gift of nature.

Consider the gift of a Wisconsin state park sticker for your loved ones and family members. This allows free admission to all of our amazing state parks and state forests, like Point Beach State Forest in Manitowoc County, for 2017.

Begin by purchasing a 2017 Wisconsin state park sticker. This vehicle admission sticker allows the holder to visit any of our state's incredible state parks and state forests throughout the 2017 calendar year. No limit on the number of visits. This is sure to encourage your loved ones to get out and explore the wonderful natural resources of our state.

A gift membership to your local nature center or public garden is also a wonderful suggestion.

The birds and the bees

Bird feeding supplies, a bird field guide, a new pair of binoculars, bird baths and more are excellent gift ideas for those backyard bird watchers and lovers on your list. Put together a fun gift basket by choosing an assortment of different foods, feeders, books and other fun items that have been hand-picked for your loved one.

Bee houses for native pollinators, such as mason bees, are quite popular and come in a wide variety of styles.

Bat houses, butterfly houses, ladybug houses and others are also great ideas for gifts.

Depending upon the habitat where your loved one lives, you may want to consider gift bird houses to be placed around their property. Bluebird houses, chickadee houses, owl nest boxes, wood duck homes and others are all excellent choices.

Spread the joy of gardening

Gardening gift baskets and special treats are also sure to be enjoyed by the gardeners on your list. It's a great time of year to put together fun collections of items and kits any gardener would love. Whether practical or all in fun, they're sure to enjoy the treasures you discover.

Miniature and fairy garden supplies and kits are an excellent gift idea for gardeners of all ages.

Visit your local garden center, home and garden store or specialty shop to find a number of items perfect for a gardening gift basket.

Seed starting supplies, gardening tools, gardening gloves and accessories, colorful pottery, garden art and so much more will make treasured gifts for any gardener.

Year-round gardening fun

Many home and garden stores now sell tabletop hydroponics, or soil less, systems that enable gardeners to grow fresh herbs, colorful blooms and other plants indoors, all season long.

Gardening lights and shelving set ups are also a great idea for gardeners wishing to start seeds and overwinter plants indoors.

Vintage style

Always popular, whimsical or elegant vintage garden art will make fun conversation pieces to enjoy during the holiday giftgiving season.

Explore antique shops, vintage garden art stores and thrift shops to find items repurposed or refurbished into decorative garden art. Look for pieces you may have enjoyed as a child or with your loved one to personalize these garden treasures.

Works of art

Any gardener would love a hand selected piece of garden artwork from someone special. Whether wood, glass, ceramic, metal, or a combination, garden art is something that will always hold a special place in the heart of the gardeners on your list.

Garden art is always a treasured gift, whether whimsical, elegant, or rustic.

Education and experience

Gardening and outdoor books are a great way to share the gift of garden and nature with loved ones on your holiday list.

Be sure to visit my website at for my collection of full-color, richly written and beautiful nature and garden books.

You may also wish to consider a gift membership to a gardening organization, such as Wild Ones native plant organization, based right here in Wisconsin in Neenah.

If there is a master gardener on your list, you may wish to gift their dues for a season or two.

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