Rural Mutual announces new farm dividend program

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Rural Mutual Insurance Company

— Rural Mutual Insurance Company, premier insurance provider for Wisconsin families, businesses and farms, announces a new dividend program that enables the company to use its financial success to reward farm policyholders for their loyalty to Rural Mutual and commitment to Wisconsin agriculture.

The Rural Mutual Farm Dividend Program is the first of its kind in the area and will return up to 5% of farm policyholders’ annual earned premium.

“As Wisconsin’s top provider of farm insurance, we protect our state’s most valuable assets: its families, businesses and farms,” said Peter Pelizza, CEO of Rural Mutual Insurance Company. “We’re excited to couple our robust line of protection products with a chance to lower the overall cost of farm premiums for our policyholders.”

Starting in 2017, Rural Mutual farm policyholders may qualify for the Dividend Program if their farm policy has been in force with Rural Mutual for more than one year and is in effect at the end of the year for which the dividend is declared.

Dividend calculations will be based on the financial results of Rural Mutual Insurance Company and its farm product over a three-year period. If dividends are earned, a check will be mailed or delivered by a Rural Mutual agent shortly after the farm policy renews in the subsequent calendar year. Dividends are not guaranteed and are authorized solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

“This program helps us stay true to our founders and reinforces our strong relationship with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation,” said Pelizza. “It’s why premiums paid here, stay here. And, why we’re eager to reward our loyal customers.”

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Rural Mutual Insurance Company has been protecting Wisconsin for over 82 years. As a Ward’s 50 company, Rural Mutual Insurance provides a full line of insurance products exclusively to families, businesses and farms in Wisconsin.

Since Rural Mutual Insurance does business in only one state, premiums paid here, stay here to keep Wisconsin strong. The company is headquartered in Madison, and has more than 150 agents in more than 100 locations across the state.