PLATTEVILLE – During the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Homecoming football game on Oct. 15, Badgerland Financial granted the UW-Platteville Dairy Science program $50,000. Dr. Michael Compton, the School of Agriculture director, says that gifts like these are important because it takes some financial stress off of the students.

While the Dairy Science program is not new to UW-Platteville, this is the first year a dairy science major is being offered. Dairy science has been offered as an emphasis in the Animal Science program for over 30 years. With this gift the program can grow not only in enrollment but in experiences offered as well. The ultimate goal is to further prepare the students in the Dairy Science program for their life after graduation. They will do this by offering more focused courses and a stronger curriculum. Industry participation will help spread the word of the new major, therefore increasing the student population.

Rochelle Ripp Schnadt, a representative from Badgerland Financial, believes that they need to be involved because they “understand the importance of the dairy industry in Wisconsin and believe in the UW-Platteville staff, students and efforts to make the program successful.” Ripp Schnadt added that Badgerland feels that by donating to this program they are also helping the dairy farmers across the state by supporting the extension of knowledge to the next generation of dairy farmers.

This is not the first time Badgerland has supported the School of Agriculture. They have continuously supported university scholarships, the Beef Center, student organizations, and other interests.

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