Madison - With the major recovery in the population of layer hens in Iowa during recent months, the United States poultry raisers have achieved “a complete recovery” from the losses incurred in the avian influenza outbreak during the spring and early summer of 2015, according to the American Egg Board.

Those numbers were borne out in the “Chickens & Eggs” report for September issued by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. That report also noted that Wisconsin has reached a record high in its layer hen inventory.

Statistics for Iowa

Iowa, which is the leading state for egg production, reported a September inventory of 53.244 million laying hens. That was a 56 percent jump from its layer hen total in September of 2015.

With table egg production accounting for all 19 million of the total, Iowa's egg production for September was more than 1.26 billion. That was an increase from the 738.8 million eggs for September of 2015.

Ohio's total of 31.587 million laying hens was down by nearly 1.1 million from a year ago. Indiana's layer hen total of 28.581 million was a reduction of 927,000 birds from September of 2015. Pennsylvania ranked 4th among the states with its 26.691 million layer hens in September.

Wisconsin statistics

The monthly report pointed out that Wisconsin's total of 5.973 million laying hens in September was a record high for the state. That was an increase of 6 percent from August and of 27 percent from the 5.286 million layer hens in September of 2015.

Wisconsin's egg production for September was 139.4 million compared to 109.8 million during the month a year ago. The state had an average of 2,334 eggs per 100 layers in September – up by 5 from 2015.

National statistics

The September report put the nation's layer hen total at 360.527 million birds. That was a 7 percent increase from the 336.61 million in September of 2015.

Total egg production for the month was nearly 8.3 billion – an increase of almost 10 percent a year earlier. Table eggs accounted for 7.2065 billion of the September total while the balance of 1.093 billion was for hatching eggs. The average eggs per 100 layers in September was 2,302 compared to 2,247 a year ago.

As egg production soared to record heights, the American Egg Board noted that wholesale prices for eggs were at their lowest point in 10 years.

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