Field Day workshop explores value of cover crops

Wisconsin State Farmer
A workshop exploring the value of cover crops will be held Oct. 26 at Eskra Farm in Fredonia.


The Milwaukee River Watershed Clean Farm Families will host a free educational workshop “Managing Nutrients and Cover Crops for Healthy Soils” from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, at Eskra Farm, Highway 57, just 1.5 miles south of the village of Fredonia, just east of the Beech La. Intersection.

This workshop will give local farmers hands-on experience with conservation practices that support healthy soils and clean water through networking, discussions and field demonstrations. 

The event will include field observation, demonstrations and discussions with state and industry experts on healthy soils, cover crop planning and more. The field day also gives farmers the chance to meet and network with partners and producers. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to observe five cover crop demo plots planted with barley, tillageMax Bristol mix (radishes and ryegrass), Berseem Clover, radishes and Soil First 102 Cover Starter+ mix (fall rye, radishes, crimson clover). Discussion will center on cover crops, soil health, nutrient availability; rotational benefits and interseeding; identifying cover crop goals upfront; grass covers following corn silage and manure applications; effects on corn yield and nitrogen availability; and oilseed radish.

Lunch will be served at noon. For reservations contact Ozaukee County Land and Water Management Geoff Schramm, 262-284-8315 or