Delavan Ag Pumps partners with USA Adventure Gear

Wisconsin State Farmer
Partnership makes possible a water pump both affordable and versatile


Jerry Krenning, President of USA Adventure Gear, needed to find a quality manufacturer of American made water pumps. After perusing a reputable RV trade magazine, Krenning stumbled across a published article from a company called Delavan Ag Pumps.

“I called Delavan Ag Pumps about six months ago and discovered a US-based pump manufacturing company that made a quality product at one of the best price points in the industry,” Krenning said in a news brief. “After speaking with David Beaudry, it was obvious that this was the company I was searching for to source the water pump for my product.”

Krenning wanted to create a water pump that was both affordable and versatile. Among several different offerings, the Yukon 12 Volt Water Pump utilizes a Delavan Ag Pumps diaphragm pump made right in the United States. This pump is an NSF listed diaphragm pump designed for use with potable water. Rated at 5 gallons per minute (GPM), this pump has the capability to move water quickly into RV and Marine fresh water tanks.

The product uses standard battery connections, offers an impressive 14’ lift and can be used for a wide variety of applications including: cabins, wash-down systems, filling livestock or pet water stations, draining hot tubs and powering irrigation systems for small gardens.  This pump can be run dry without any damage.

“Delavan’s excellent design and product support really makes working with them an easy decision,” Krenning concludes. “I will be sourcing their pumps for use in our product offerings and I plan on recommending Delavan Ag Pump products on a stand-alone basis as well.”

Delavan Ag Pumps President, David Beaudry, echoes Krenning’s enthusiasm for the newfound partnership between the two companies.

“We are excited about working with USA Adventure Gear and really appreciate their strong endorsement of our products.  Both companies will win big as a result of this partnership and we are committed to providing USA Adventure Gear with the very best “Made in the USA” water pumps available on the market.”

For more information, please contact Delavan Ag Pumps at: 1226 Linden Avenue, Suite 123  Minneapolis, MN  55403  (Telephone) 612-333-3189  (Fax) 612-333-3231  (Toll-Free) 866-335-2826  (Email)