Whistlin' Bit trail ride evokes many memories

CR Quarter Horses
Going down the trail at the 68th Whistlin' Bit trail ride.

Elkadet, IA

This past weekend, my husband, Rodney and I along with our trainers Traci Wilkinson  and Mya Riniker traveled to Elkadet, IA, to attend the 68th annual Whistlin' Bit 68th Trail Ride.

Over the years, this trail ride has been an opportunity to create many memorable rides. When I was in my teens, our River Trails Saddle Club of Blue River, WI, would hire semi trailers so all members could attend this ride. Of course, this was long before horse trailers were even thought of as horses were only hauled in stock trailers and pickups with racks

The modern horse trailers on the grounds this past weekend could never have been imagined by us riders those many years ago. In the trail rides' heyday in the 1960s, many times there were over a 1,000 horses participating in this ride.

Riders dismount for a rest along the trail at the Whistlin' Bit trail ride.

One fond memory that we have happened about 10 years ago when Rodney rode his stallion CR Smokes Midnight and I rode 3 year old stallion Red Buck Barcee in the worst rain we had ever ridden in. While many riders packed up and left, the ride wasn't cancelled and 27 of us rode.

We jokingly said we must be dedicated and dumb! We were wet at the end but had a lot of fun.

I hope that by reading this article it helps to evoke memories for you of that great trail ride or others you might have attended. Until our trails cross again ~ Charlene

CR Lady Bee Midnight and CR Two-eyed Midnight get ready to hit the trail.