Summer passes quickly for riders in CHC

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Emelia demonstrates an intermediate pattern while riding Leo.


Over the summer I decided to do something different with riding cues, tying them to riding cues. It helped the girls learn most of the riding cues early in summer so by the camp-out in August they started to put it all together in the pattern they would ride for their parents at the Awards Ceremony and Demonstration.

The Devotions of this Unit are topical studies that relate to the different riding cues in some way. The different "Hands of God" related to how to properly use your hands as you ride the horse. The other memory verse went along with the Devotion about how you need to think ahead and look where you plan to go as you ride a horse. We than studied what the Bible says about our thought life and also how our eyes need to be fixed on Jesus, especially in difficult times.

The girls chose to camp out in the woods instead of by the house (and brave the mosquitoes) and they all enjoyed themselves even though we had a big storm with lots of lightning and thunder that went through around 3 a.m.. Three of the girls never had camped out before and they still loved it. The camp out was fun and it gives each girl more ride time than they can get taking turns during club meetings.

The Awards Ceremony and demonstration went great, we had beautiful weather! Each girl rode a pattern at their riding ability and did quite well. Foxy Lady, our horse for beginners had a big workout as she was ridden by Alesyia, Carissa, Eva and Kara.

The first three girls in line perform a quadrille they put together; Hailey on HFR Jhenhi, Abby on Leo and Alyssa riding Fiesta.

Emily on Fiesta and Emelia on Leo did a good job on the Intermediate pattern. Two of the girls, Abby on Leo and Millie on Foxy Lady both had more riding experience and were joined by Hailey on Jhenhi, (a member who helped us in club while finishing up another Unit), along with our Jr. Leader Alyssa (on Fiesta).

All four girls liked the idea of doing a quadrille that had all the maneuvers they learned. They picked out the drill exercises and we put them together in a nice quadrille. It went great even though they didn't really have a lot of time to practice. It was a fun way to show parents all the girls have learned this summer.

The girls enjoy each other's company during the potluck picnic at the end of the summer.

After the Demo we handed out the charms they earned and some special awards for attendance too. We always have a fun time eating a potluck picnic together, getting to know the families of the girls. Summer went too fast! But we have learned more of the Word of God and we pray it takes root in the girls hearts and lives!

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