JCDHA to wind up season at Old World Wisconsin

Ron Luebke and his team of Percherons turn the soil on one of the historic farms at Old World Wisconsin on Labor Day Weekend.


Members of the Jefferson County Draft Horses Association were out in force at Old World Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend.

We had two teams working all weekend and were able to use Old World Wisconsin horses on the walking plow. Dick Berner had his Belgian crossbreds  while Ron Luebke had his Percherons out in the field. John Hanson used Old World Wisconsin’s Percherons and took turns with Wayne Randell using the walking plow. The field was plowed on both days and was finished for the years on Sunday.

The Omnibus was full at all times Saturday and Sunday being pulled both days by Clydesdales owned by Steve Haase who was helped by his sidekick Steve Krezinski and Wayne and Nancy Osterhaus.

Dick Berner drives a team of Belgian crossbreds across a hay field at Old World Wisconsin.

The teamsters returned to the historic site on Oct. 8-9 for logging, where they transported logs to the sawmill and hauled wood to the different villages for use next year.

Our appearances at Old World Wisconsin are made possible by the grant we received from the Wisconsin State Horse Council. We will be back at Old World Wisconsin on Nov. 12 for a driving clinic. If you want to learn how to harness and drive the gentle giants this is your opportunity. Please contact  to register or call 262-594-6301.