Ask the expert

Wisconsin State Farmer
One of the most rewarding outdoor activities you can embark on is creating a bluebird trail on your property. The rewards are endless and the joys of watching bluebirds raise their families right before your eyes, priceless.

Q: I'm still seeing bluebirds at my feeders. Is this normal?

A: Yes, bluebirds typically flock together during late summer and well into fall, even into early winter. Many will come to feeders seeking mealworms, suet, fruits and raisins. It is not unusual in warm winters to see bluebirds spend the entire season with us. 

Q: Can I plant my tulips and daffodils now?

A: Yes, mid-October into November is the best time to plant fall planted bulbs. Enjoy! 

Q: Is it too soon to cut back my shrubs?

A: In most cases, yes. Depending upon the type of shrub, you may wish to wait until they are dormant, or late and winter. Some shrubs can be pruned now, such as spirea, ninebark, dogwood and others. But all of these provide spectacular fall color. My preference is to enjoy the show and prune later in the season. 

Q: I want to save seeds from my heirloom tomatoes. Will they grow next year?

A: Provided they are stored properly, in a cool dry location, they should do nicely. Be sure that the seeds are completely dried before storing. Any moisture will rot and destroy the seeds.