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High court rejects appeal over New Hampshire auto dealer law 

The Supreme Court won't hear an appeal from John Deere and other farm equipment manufacturers seeking to overturn a New Hampshire law they say unfairly treats their products like cars and trucks.

The justices on Monday let stand a New Hampshire Supreme Court ruling that upheld the state's Automobile Dealer Bill of Rights law. It was expanded in 2013 to include protections for farm equipment distributors in addition to auto and truck dealers. The law bars manufacturers from terminating dealer contracts without just cause.

Farm equipment makers claim the law unconstitutionally interferes with their contracts. The state says the law simply merges regulations that dealt separately with auto makers and farm and tractor manufacturers.


China regulators fine OSI Group $3.6M in meat scandal

The Chinese units of a former meat supplier for McDonald's and KFC China have been fined more than $3.6 million for selling expired meat in a fast food safety scandal that erupted two years ago. The group is accused of repackaging old beef and chicken under fresher expiration dates.

In a notice posted on its website , the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration said that district market regulators fined Shanghai Husi Food Co. about 17 million yuan ($2.5 million) and Husi parent OSI Group's China office was hit with a separate fine of 7.3 million yuan ($1.1 million).

The penalties come after a Shanghai court's ruling in February that two local units of Aurora, IL-based OSI sold the tainted meat and fined them a total of 2.4 million yuan. The court also sentenced 10 employees to prison, one of them Australian.

The company appealed the ruling, but the regulator's notice said the appeal was rejected in July.


Pittsburgh man faces penalty if he can't catch noisy rooster

A Pittsburgh man has 30 days to figure out how to catch a noisy rooster or the city will penalize him.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the rooster's piercing calls have plagued residents for years. Because it appears to live on Henry Gaston's property, it has put him in violation of the city's ban against roosters.

But Gaston told a judge he's tried to catch the animal and has failed. He says he called animal control and the zoo, but he still hasn't come up with the rooster. Assistant City Solicitor Adam Rosenthal says he would agree to give Gaston 30 days if he puts out food and tries to catch it with a net.The judge says he'd like the rooster caught and transferred to a farm.


Distribution change for KENTAN® DF fungicide/bactericide

Isagro USA, Inc. (Isagro) announces it will once again market KENTAN® DF in the United States.

KENTAN DF quality is a newly engineered formulation with a reduced particle size. KENTAN DF helps puts disease control back into the hands of fruit and vegetable growers with a copper hydroxide based fungicide offering a number of key benefits, including a higher degree of rainfastness than other brands. The small-particle size composition of KENTAN DF also improves efficacy and enhances ease of use through quick water dispersion, reducing the risk of exposure.

Since December 2013, Gowan USA was awarded exclusive distribution rights in the United States for a number of Isagro crop protection products.