Pokorny wins state Pullet Surprise contest

Wisconsin State Farmer
Cameron Pokorny received a pair of show quality Cochin bantams from David Laatsch of Beaver Dam for his winning entry.


Waupun resident Cameron Pokornyis the winner of the Wisconsin Junior Poultry Association’s (WJPA) Pullets Surprise Writing Contest.

Cameron’s winning entry in the Junior Division titled the “Chickens Story” is a poem explaining the history of the chicken. Cameron competed against youth throughout Wisconsin.

Pokorny received a pair of show quality Cochin bantams, an incubator, a standard cage, feed, a copy of the American Standard of Perfection, a one-year membership in the WIPC, and a poultry carrier.

This was the 30th Anniversary of the Pullet Surprise Contest and its goal is to encourage breeding and exhibition of purebred poultry among Wisconsin’s youth.

Cameron is the son of Doyle and Kim Pokorny, Waupun and is a 7th grader at the Waupun Jr./Sr. High School.

The Chickens Story by Cameron Pokorny

The story of the chicken goes way back, 68 million years ago to be exact.

The closest living relative of the T Rex so big, back then it had teeth and really knew how to dig.

Years went by and it evolved into the Jungle Fowl bird, living wild, living free, still living unheard.

Slowly the human race started to domesticate beasts, the chicken was an easy one to say the least.

In early times the lowly chicken was a religious symbol, that was when the chicken was far from humble.

In some cultures chickens are considered sacred and therefore are specifically mated.

Meanwhile we watch her great endurance, the watchful hen is a worldwide sign of nurturance.

But in the dark realms of history comes the chicken utmost misery...

Cockfighting reared its ugly head; nasty, bloody, fights to the very end, enough said.

Not as bad as once was but still taints the chickens and their cause

But alas industry and agriculture started to be, the chicken and its uses fit to a T.

Eventually the word got out, eggs and chicken meat led nutrition with quite a clout

Eggs, boiled, poached and over easy, chicken grilled, shredded, and KFC'd.

Mega poultry farms came into being, large egg and broiler farms for the seeing.

But great strides were made for us all to see by the small chicken farmer and all his breeds.

Many colors, many sizes, some with beards, some for meat, the lowly chicken’s importance became hard to beat.

Eggs and feathers, what we would do without? Omelet to start the day and pillow to rest  your head without a doubt.

And chicken meat is the food of our era so they say, oh how important a role our lowly chicken does play.

So whether zillions of years ago or just right now here, the chicken has and will always be there.