Dairy group endorses state legislative candidates

Wisconsin State Farmer
DBA endorses slate of legislative candidates.


The Dairy Business Association this week endorsed candidates in a number of races for seats in the state Legislature.

The list includes only a handful of current or former dairy farmers, but all of the candidates have demonstrated dedication to supporting Wisconsin’s dairy community, said John Holevoet, director of government affairs for the dairy group, whose members are dairy farmers and people in a variety of related businesses.

“Like the rest of the nation, Wisconsin residents are increasingly removed from agriculture. This applies to our legislators, too,” Holevoet said. “We are fortunate to have a great group of candidates running for public office who, regardless of whether they can personally relate to farming, are dedicated to seeing our state’s farmers succeed. That is what makes them worthy of our support.”

Sixteen state Senate seats are up for election this year. DBA has made endorsements in seven of those races.

Among incumbents, the organization is supporting Sens. Alberta Darling (8th District), Sheila Harsdorf (10th District), Tom Tiffany (12th District), Luther Olsen (14th District) and Duey Stroebel (20th District).

All of these lawmakers have been friends of the dairy community for a number of years. DBA is also endorsing David Craig, who is a member of the state Assembly running to fill the 28th District seat in suburban Milwaukee left vacant by the retirement of Sen. Mary Lazich. Finally, the association is supporting Dan Feyen (18th District) in his effort to replace Sen. Rick Gudex, who decided not to seek reelection.

All 99 seats in the Assembly are up for election. DBA is making endorsements in a wide range of different races (broken down here in groups of district numbers for ease of reading):

  • Andre Jacque (2nd District), Ron Tusler (3rd District), David Steffen (4th District), Jim Steineke (5th District), Gary Tauchen (6th District), Jocasta Zamarripa (8th District)
  • Rob Hutton (13th District), Joe Sanfelippo (15th District)
  • Jesse Rodriguez (21st District), Janel Brandtjen (22nd District), Jim Ott (23rd District), Dan Knodl (24th District), Paul Tittl (25th District), Terry Katsma (26th District), Tyler Vorpagel (27thDistrict), Adam Jarchow (28th District), Rob Stafsholt (29th District)
  • Shannon Zimmerman (30th District), Amy Loudenbeck (31st District), Tyler August (32ndDistrict), Cody Horlacher (33rd District), Rob Swearingen (34th District), Mary Czaja (35thDistrict), Jeff Mursau (36th District), John Jagler (37th District), Joel Kleefisch (38th District), Mark Born (39th District)
  •  Kevin Petersen (40th District), Joan Ballweg (41st District), Keith Ripp (42nd District), Mark Spreitzer (43rd District), Travis Tranel (49th District)
  • Ed Brooks (50th District), Todd Novak (51st District), Jeremy Thiesfeldt (52nd District), Michael Schraa (53rd District), Mike Rohrkaste (55th District), Dave Murphy (56th District), Bob Gannon (58th District)
  • Rob Brooks (60th District), Samantha Kerkman (61st District), Tom Weatherston (62nd District), Robin Vos (63rd District), Rob Summerfield (67th District), Kathy Bernier (68th District), Bob Kulp (69th District)
  • Nancy VanderMeer (70th District), Romaine Quinn (75th District)
  • Ken Skowronski (82nd District), Mike Kuglitsch (83rd District), Patrick Snyder (85th District), John Spiros (86th District), James Edming (87th District), John Macco (88th District), John Nygren (89th District)
  • Warrne Petryk (93rd District), Lee Nerison (96th District), Scott Allen (97th District), Adam Neylon (98th District), Cindi Duchow (99th District)

The Dairy Business Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of Wisconsin dairy farmers, milk processors, vendors and business partners who came together in 1999 to reinvigorate the state’s dairy community.