What's new at World Dairy Expo in 2016?

Wisconsin State Farmer


Although World Dairy Expo has been going strong for half a century, there's still room for new additions and changes.

Here is a look at some features, events and keepsakes available at this year's show.

Expo Access

After outstanding survey feedback from media partners, World Dairy Expo is introducing a new take on the media event formerly known as Media Talk Session – now called Expo Access.

These sessions will offer media the chance to visit with and interview a variety of distinguished dairy industry guests in the Media Room at designated time slots throughout the week. The new format will allow media to plan, execute and share interviews more effectively.

Additionally, this arrangement provides Expo the opportunity to showcase various award winners from the week to the media.

50th Anniversary print

As the official kick-off to the 50th Anniversary of World Dairy Expo, a commemorative painting was unveiled on Tuesday, June 14. The painting was completed by artist Larry Schultz, of Sunny Beach Farm Studio, Janesville, WI.

Artist Larry Schultz created a commemorative print for the 50th anniversary of the World Dairy Expo.

Schultz was able to capture an image that combines all facets of Expo – spanning the five-decade history and showcasing iconic moments, animals, people and landmarks. Paper prints are available in three sizes. Additionally, a canvas wrap is available in 16”x11”. Prints can be ordered from the 50th Anniversary page on the World Dairy Expo website – – or purchased at Schultz’s booth, located at EH 4420, 4421.

50th Clothing and Collectables

For the first time in Expo history, the Purple Cow Gift Shop™ will offer the exclusive opportunity to purchase clothing and select 50th Anniversary collectables in advance of the show. Be the first to sport a 50th Anniversary sweatshirt or a highly sought-after mug. To view the full list of available items and place your order, visit the 50th Anniversary page on and click on “Purple Cow Gift Shop Exclusive.”

Dairy Happy Hour

Join other attendees and dairy friends daily at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. in the CLARIFIDE Plus Attendee Lounge of Pavilion 1 for treats and milk. This event is free to all Expo attendees, sponsored by Trioliet.

Expo in the Evening

One of the early Expo traditions included a square dancing competition on the Coliseum floor. While it might not be a competitive contest, we are looking forward to hosting a dance once again this year during Expo in the Evening on Friday at 8 p.m. in the Estrumate Sale Pavilion. Everyone is welcome to join this free event, which will feature live music and refreshments from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Dining Guides

Find menus and locations to sample the local fare of Madison on the new restaurant page of The staff has compiled a list of establishments on and off-site to try during Expo.

Anniversary book

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Expo history. Journalists and long industry professionals have captured the extensive 50-year history of Expo in a full-color book We Need a Show, featuring more than 200 images, including some rare, never-before-seen photos. Cost is $25.

We need a Show is a 50 year history of World Dairy Expo and will be for sale during the show.