Hitting the trails again in South Dakota

CR Quarter Horses
Charlene and Rodney Boom hit the trails out West this summer.

It took us awhile to "get gone" from our home due to the copious amounts of rain that caused flooding in our area and making hay difficult. We did, however, manage to make it to Custer State Park at French Creek Horse Camp.

Our trip went well as we drove all night, took a two rest at the Cheyenne River. The only bad idea of not having a certain departure date is that we had to take whatever site French Creek had left so in our first 10 days, we ended up moving four times. After staying here for another week, we moved on to Willow Creek Horse Camp for five. After that we will head to the Pitzer sale in Ericsson,

We have been having great rides here in Custer....quite easy with over 70,000 acres. This year we have been seeing lots of herds of Buffalo and yesterday we saw over 60 elk, which always is a very stirring sight. Everyday we are riding 4 to 7 hours which covers a lot of ground with canyon, mesa, creek crossings, huge cliffs and lots of various vegetation.

Until our trails cross again.