CHS Larsen Coop hosts road side inspection workshop

Wisconsin State Farmer
Officials from the Wisconsin State Patrol addresses drivers about safety protocol during a recent road side inspection workshop at CHS Larsen Cooperative.


CHS Larsen Cooperative continues to keep safety as a top priority and in doing so they had 48 employees attended their Road Side Inspection workshops on August 25, 2016.

CHS Larsen Cooperative has many divisions driving day in and day out. Whether their drivers are carrying grain, seed, feed, or fuel, the safety of the drivers is very important.

Lt. Michael Klingenberg from Wisconsin State Patrol, Inspector Jim Murray from Wisconsin State Patrol, and Susan Curtiss, Fleet Compliance Manager from CHS Country Operations lead sessions, providing important information and tips for the drivers.

Klingenberg went over information and state laws to help drivers prepare for road side inspections. In addition, he also addressed both myths and truths behind the phone and alcohol laws.

Inspector Jim Murray demonstrated an actual road side inspection on CHS trucks used by drivers on a daily basis. He provided examples of why a driver might be stopped, such as speed, driver violation, or a driver talking on a cell phone.

Employees also learned about equipment violations including defective lamps or something dragging from the truck.

Sue Curtiss spoke with the drivers about the company’s CSA score and how that score is presented. She gave tips for inspections, went through the correct paperwork that needs to be in trucks, and looked over inspection reports.

“This was a huge benefit (for employees) to go through this DOT training. It was nice to get the answers directly from the State Patrol on questions the drivers regarding the perception of what right and wrong,” said Andy Colrue, CHS Larsen Cooperative driver. “Lt. Michael Klingenberg gave us a good understanding of what classes are on our licenses that allows us to utilize the correct equipment to do our job safely.”

This road side inspection workshop was well received by the drivers. It was filled with important information that will help the CHS Larsen Cooperative drivers be more attentive and safe drivers.