Schneider honored at Legacy of Leadership celebration

Wisconsin State Farmer
David Lee Schneider (second from right) is presented the Alva Rankin leadership award.

WAUSAU - David Lee Schneider of Oconto, WI was presented with the Alva Rankin Award at the 2016 Legacy of Leadership Celebration in Wausau on July 16, 2016.

Alva Rankin graduated from Leadership Wisconsin Group V. The memorial award is given to a graduating Leadership Wisconsin Fellow who exemplifies Al’s strong leadership and personal skills.The graduating group selects the classmate who receives the award.The award recipient is given a $100 honorarium to go toward a community project, leadership project, or entity of their choice that contributes to the community good.

The winner of the Alva Rankin Award should exemplify Al Rankin’s traits of a “World Class Individual”. These traits include being a visionary, solutions-oriented, learning machine, as well as someone who is focused on being and having great people skills, making others feel valued, and listening to and engaging others. Schneider was selected to receive this award because his classmates agreed that he embodies these very traits.

Since 1996, Schneider has operated Schneider Family Farms – a 40-head beef cow/calf operation that utilizes registered Red Angus cattle with artificial insemination, embryo transfers, recipients, and donor cows.  David beg
an working for CRI/Genex in August of 2011.  His current role in the company is as the Production Training and Education Specialist.  He represents CRI/Genex at local schools by presenting career offerings and interviews. He also provides education on beef and dairy farming.

Schneider is a member of the Red Angus Association of America and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Cattleman’s Association and the Wisconsin Beef Council.

Schneider has opted to donate his $100 honorarium to the Invest an Acre.

David Schneider

“As my employer, CRI has supported me throughout my Leadership Wisconsin journey. CRI values Stewardship – “To treat our land, our communities, and business resources as our own”, he said.

This year at the CRI/Genex National Marketing & Sales Conference (July 19, 20 and 21) CRI is providing an opportunity to live up to this value through a program called Invest an Acre”.

Invest and Acre started with Howard G. Buffet who was inspired by a young boy in Decatur, IL that shared how happy he was to have school lunch. The boy was living in fear that he and his family would have to go back to living in their car.

Buffet envisioned a program where farmers could donate a portion of their crops to help their neighbors in need. In its short four years, Invest an Acre has raised more than $2.4 million to fight rural hunger. That is more than 7 million meals.

Monsanto doubles the impact of Invest an Acre by matching all contributions dollar for dollar. Then, Feeding America engages its network of over 200 food banks and 60,000 plus agencies across America to ensure that all funds and food donations go towards local food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

The sum of all the money donated this week to Invest an Acre by Genex and CRI employees will be matched by Monsanto.

“Our donations will go to the Northeast Wisconsin Food Pantry. This is my way of fulfilling God’s message: Feed my people, and teach them how to feed their selves,” Schneider said. "It also allows me to take part in “Feeding the World” and give back to my employer CRI’s core value of Stewardship!”

For more information on Invest an Acre visit To learn more about Leadership Wisconsin and its two-year Signature Program go to

Leadership Wisconsin is a unique private/public partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Extension. During the program, leaders enhance their leadership skills; broaden their understanding of local, state and national issues; and expand their networks in order to engage people in creating positive change for Wisconsin.